Saturday, December 26, 2009

12 Volt Air Compressors Product Range

12 Volt Air Compressor, also known as 12V Air Compressor slime tool was dicounted at 25% at the time of writing. It has a gauge and a light that can be used when days are dark. it helps you save money on gas and maintenence. It is powerd by a 12V cigarette lighter. It is extemely easy to use and has a gauge that measures up to 300psi. It can be used to maintain optimul tire inflation.

Customers who bought this item, also bought the following items:

1. Accutire Key Chain Digital Tire Gauge

2. Slime 2040-A Tire Plug Kit

3. Accutire Programmable Digital Tire Gauge

One of our 12 Volt Air Compressors is a sleek Interdynamics TX-300 TyphoonMax. Its a high speed air compressor. It has a super strength gauge housing. It can fill a 13" tire in less than 3 minutes. It has a unique handle for quick connection. It can also be used to fill large tires and other recreational toys for children.

This wonderful tool is always bought together with the following accessories:

1. Accutire MS-4350B Programmable Digital Tire Gauge

2. Accutire Standard Digital Tire Gauge

The tool only weighs 4.6 pounds and it is currently beng shipped in the United States only. The tool is also affectionately known as 12 Volt Portable Air Compressor.

Another tool in our range is a Lifeline AAA 300PSI 12 Volt DC Air Compressor. There was a 10% at the time of writing and there were only two brand new items in stock. It has a 10 foot power hose, 3 nozzel adpters, air pressure gauge and a qucik connect air hose.

This item is also frequently bought together with, the same as above tool, a programmable and a standard digital air gauge.

Accutire MS-4021B Standard Digital Tire Gauge

Another item is the Interdynamics HD-300 12 Volt Heavy Duty Truck Air Compressor. This wonderful tool has the following features:

1. Inflateseven the largest tire very quickly

2. It can work 8hours without stopping

3. It has an extra long power cord that makes it easy to work with with all types of vehicles.

4. Its cooling system has a huge fan

5. It can be operated from a vehicle's 12 volt receptacle

These are our ranges of 12V Air Compressors. We also have a product range for all different types and sizes of air compressors.

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