Thursday, December 24, 2009

30 Gallon Air Compressors - Different Manufacturers

Discounted 30 Gal Air Compressor. At the time of writing, there was about 4 % discount on these compressors. The sleek Morgan Series 30 gallon air compressor is a marvel to work with. This portable tool is designed for ametures as well as professional and D.I.Y kind of people. It has a high torgue and RPM. It is capable of doing a variety of things well and easily interchengeable. Its frame is easily transportable and can be moved from one job site to another without any difficulty.

Customers who buy this jewel also buy the following tools:

1. Dewalt Anti-fog Safety Goggle
2. Fluke Infrared Thermometer
3. Dewalt 18V Cordless Flashlight
4. Dewal Hole Saw Kit and many other accessories.

 30 Gallon Tank Electric Air Compressor. This a 6.5 cfm 115 ps 5HP tool. It weighs 230 pounds and have the following dimensions: 23"L x 18"W x 48"H.

Another type is a Jenny K2A 30 Gallon Single Phase Air Compressor. It is a little more expensive but price is the last thing ypu worry about when buying this type of compressor. Its cooling mechanism is supported by a large flywheel.

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